Who we are
NAAC has binding principle of "whatever it takes" & deliver qualitative products and services with lots of passion by carrying “Brand Touch" of NAAC. NAAC is a unit of ASC group of companies operating in the country, IRAQ (Baghdad, Basra & Erbil). NAAC is developing the market share in MENA Region (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and in Qatar). Our main source of inspirations is from defence sector, Oil & Gas Sector, in addition to Government, United Nations (UN), Humanitarian clients and non-governmental organization (NGOs).
Who we are
NAAC has grown into an entity that has diverse activities from Catering to Consultancy service all across. NAAC prides itself in adhering to our binding principle regardless of the sector we work in or the organization we deal with.
NAAC growth has been underlines by the many achievements that have been the stepping stones to our success story, many of have been achieved under very trying circumstances. Our customers all know “We deliver” .We firmly believe, there can be no better marketing strategy than a happy customer.    
NAAC Client list now boasts major including the Government and many leading corporate Organizations in the Middle East who all attest to our level of commitment towards them in all aspects, right from pre-sales to post sales engagement.  
Our Vision, Mission
Our Vision
To be leader in the industry "Whatever it takes" in the region by embarking prestigious projects in pursuit of excellence through innovation, differentiation in our touch.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to remain committed to provide excellent products and services to all customers through continually empowered team, with blend of right price and quality at all times.
Our Values
NAAC Team perform based on NAAC-Creed, Traditions & systems with excellence and integrity to deliver in fullness by touching customer's satisfaction within budget and highest standards.

Employee Song


I am proud to be a "Naacian"
I will inspire my colleagues
I will respect company's procedures and practices will follow my company's foot steps
I will be an expert in delivering my job
I will remain with NAAC like a corner stone,
ha... ha... ha...

Joseph Fernandez
General Manager

Work Culture
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Work Culture
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