NAAC Construction
NAAC has undertaken wide range of construction projects. NAAC adopts latest equipments and construction methodologies. The emphasis has always been towards quality and customer’s satisfaction. NAAC takes pride in finishing all projects it has undertaken within specified project time lines and within budgets.
NAAC provides Engineering,Procurement,Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) Services for projects requiring high quality execution in extreme environments in any location. Our construction engineers are well capable to assess the customer's site conditions and will provide matching solutions in designing, executing and delivering the quality products. 
Our major construction products are:Large, medium and small man camp. Kitchen, Dining facilities, Recreation, Gym, Laundry, Shower & Toilet, Warehouse, Storage containers, Freezer & chiller, office facility, Clinic and security tower Our civil engineering team can design and execute any size of civil construction based on client's requirement. We can provide prefabricated buildings of any type, from Traditional panel systems to containerized units.
  1. Design and execution of civil works.
  2. Designing and Building of Turnkey Pre- Fab man camps.
  3. Design and Execution of Structural works.
  4. MEP Work of all kinds.
  5. Designing and Execution of various Electrical Engineering Works.

Process Management / Work-in-Process Management

Project management is the art of directing and coordinating the whole project in a systematic manner. NAAC management adopts modern process technologies to achieve predetermined objectives of scope in each process stages, time, quality and designed corrective actions in each process and evaluations.
SECTOR - Constructions Projects

Bohai 6 Container Supply

This project is a quarantine camp construction based on COVID19 protocol and general safety applications.
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SECTOR - Constructions Projects

CPECC solar system installation and construction work

Installation of solar system street lights in one of our major camp in Basra oil field.
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