Life Support Services

NAAC designed to provide an extraordinary experience to its customers ensuring complete satisfaction at all times.
At NAAC catering, we believe in delivering customer based traditional food by adopting their true customs.
NAAC has creative, Professional approaches, Innovative menu draft, fascinating memorable presentations and services in a more constructive manner.
Life Support Services
NAAC puts its entire soul and heart into the catering business that the culinary art is appreciated and remembered by its customers. Our budgetary menu's and services are within a bearable artwork
  • At NAAC catering, we believe in delivering customer based traditional food by adopting their true customs.
  • Our adage is to design a calorie based menu for all ages in challenging working atmosphere, in order to deliver the best quantitative productivity by their workforce.
  • NAAC mirror your requirements and provide healthy raw-materials from competent sources.
  • We valufacture quality and standards in our food Process & production combined with latest technologies.

Take-Away Packed Meals to Work Places

Catering is highly competitive industry, is not only about preparing highly delicious dishes, take away packing, maintaining the original taste, temperature controlling is accentuated and given utmost importance. 
NAAC's food safety regulations, preparation process, getting new technological reviews from the current influences keeps its innovation  and change applications.
Timeliness and punctuality are our added qualities in serving the customers in remote locations where busy work schedules are practiced.
Catering Event Management

Catering Event Management

Our highly trained and experienced chefs and teams use high quality ingredients in every single meal we serve. Our Teams have continuous and passionate vision to create a variety of inspired meals coupled with commitments to customer's satisfaction. Our prime adage that exceed industry standards. Meal program vary in tune with client's needs, but typically consists of hot breakfast, hot lunch and hot dinner. Our major portion of marketing is done by existing clients "Word of Mouth". Repeat business is the golden ticket in our world of catering services / any event management.
Further our cutting edge trends speak in the market by leading higher level services.
All our events are planned for traditional festive, creative food menu combinations added with modern recipes and deliciousness
Laundry Services

Laundry Services

We do consider Laundry service is one of the major hygienic area. Only approved detergents and liquids are used to ensure bacterial free washing. Individual cloths are washed/folded separately as per the best hygienic practices. Great attention is paid in settings and maintenance for the durability and safety of the cloths.
NAAC has been in the Laundry service industry for more than 15 years. Our company is a recipient of numerous awards in the service sector, that continuously provide excellent, dedicated services to remote operating corporates and defense sectors. 
Our Laundry technicians are continuously trained and updated in handling various fabrics/colors by up-keeping its qualities.
Custodial Services

Custodial Services (Camp Cleaning Services)

NAAC undertakes custodial services of large buildings, largesites, hospitals, hotel etc. NAAC understands intimately theneeds of the client. NAAC has experience in carrying outcustodial services for Al Faw palace in Baghdad, more than500,000 Sq. Ft. We have proven records in the areas of custodialservices in man camps as well onshore Rig facilities.
We do focus on eco-friendly cleaning, turn to the cleaning authority, who only used eco-friendly products.
We do also adopt deep cleaning schedules based on the industry.
Our continual training programs, mold the employees with latest trouble free new technologies

Disposal of Trash

NAAC adopts latest technology and local government's guidelines in order to protect environment.