Quality Services


Quality Policy

NAAC is committed to exceed the level of customer's satisfaction by delivering qualitative products and services by adopting high end technologies through continual team trainings in a scientific manner along with compliance on legislative and regulatory applications for attaining overall developments

Quality Objective

Quality Objectives To continually maintain high level of quality standards in operations and functions.
To implement the procedures, instructions, company traditions and values to ensure firm products and services.
Evaluate customer, complaints in detail and explore professional corrective action within the scope of work.
To equip the employees with fullest work knowledge through continual training.
To apply employee, participation in operations and functions to build a team based organization.
To eliminate wasteful expenditure and rework
To inspire the employees by up keeping high morale.
To develop vendors as per standards through continual trainings.
To adopt timely innovative methods to protect environment.
o develop team spirit within the organization and within customers by sharing the values of business and life.
To ensure a continuo. total quality up gradation on all levels within internal and external customers.

Ethics and Business Conduct

At NAAC we know how we conduct and manage our business relationship, as important as the superior Products & Services we deliver.
We are committed to excellence in our operations, because we understand that our success depends on quality, integrity and performance.
Our commitment to an ethical culture at NAACstarts with the personal integrity of our employees and the investment in HCM (Human Capital Management) that NAAC places on top.
The objective, through trainings is to support the employees to implement NAAC aims in their daily work to inspire and achieve goals.