Our participation and contribution in
Iraq “Socio economic program”

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We “Najma AL Ajyal For General Trading & Contracting LLC company having registered with Iraqi chamber of commerce and Industry, operating with US Forces, Aviation companies , Basra Oil Field Missan Oil Field, West Quarna Oil Fields, in the compartments of ‘Catering Service, life support services ’, ‘construction’ ‘Trading & Supplies’, Technical services, and Custodial Services. These services are provided to international as well as to Iraqi corporates with utmost care and quality standards.
Our company has been accredited with the following Quality certificates
ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 ISO 45001: 2018 ISO 22000:2018 ISO 26000:2010
Taking advantage of the skilled labor and the latest engineering technology, and with a strong working force of 470 (including 93 Iraqi employees) employees, we meet and fulfill the various challenging requirements of our valuable customers of Oil Filed companies as well other corporates within Iraq.
We are with the industry and have established awareness of manufacturing and delivering quality products and services with set standards to satisfy customer needs. The company has set up an innovative system, which covers every detail of business in sourcing products, engineering, designing and execution.
We are proud of our ability to provide the quickest responses to all enquiries, with the most competitive price and products of best quality and reliable global standard. Our continued research and development sphere pave the way for attaining the global standards by adopting new technologies, cost effective methods, with high quality end products and services.

Our motto in Iraq business:

The new Iraq looks with great optimism and achieving political stability, economic prosperity and social development. We believe that our reintegration into the world trading system is an essential element to fulfill US government’s aim, in rebuilding Iraq economy.

Our contribution to employment:

We do share our employment opportunities with local nationals whose talents can be utilized especially in construction, procurement, and general work. We keep engaging local nationals based on demand from time to time apart from permanent. But due to security reasons / confidentiality, not many local nationals employed in all the areas, as most of our sites are in the sensitive areas . These are the contribution in employment opportunities in Iraq and our contribution towards “Socio economic development”

Commerce and Trade

Being a construction and trading company, our major raw materials such as steel and allied products, which contribute around 70% of our project value? This entire requirement is bought from Baghdad and Basra market .All the catering in-puts also being procured from local market .Further there are indirect support services, like transportation, material handling, wherein locals are directly employed.

Equipment hiring

The whole requirements of heavy equipments are met with local equipment leasing companies. We open our doors for direct and indirect business opportunities for the local contractors at all given opportunities.


If the opportunity favors us for this project, value will be sown in the local market, and also we promise our strong participation in the Iraq “Socio economic program”. This will be beneficial to the allied business partners and Local nationals.

Reinvestment plan

The leadership in industry and reinvestment is a large boost to our business, by adding high technology and value added business. The entrepreneurship among employers and stake holders explored a new page in business tradition, wherein all the employees and customers are benefited. The reinvestment tool has given a strong hold in competing the market with new challenges to gain more business opportunities in Iraq. Therefore we would like to emphasis more on reinvestment plans to bring in new business challenges
Thus we strongly believe in our share in bringing up the new “Iraq economy”.