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NAAC has undertaken the following actions, grouped by CSR key issue: Research questions CSR key issues: prioritize the CSR issues

NAAC has undertaken the following actions, grouped by CSR key issue:

Involvement of communities

Remain conversations with governments. Working together with schools for work experience placements. Learning/working places for youth with leaning difficulties. Actively communicate solutions with colleagues, through NAAC. Creating awareness among customer about the potentials of bio based plastics. Sponsor a soccer team for mentally disabled people, called G-team.Sponsor charities.


Reduce failure and waste. Ensure deployment of sustainable energy sources (purchasing green energy). Introducement of separated waste collection. Use renewable or recycle draw materials. Keep the dangerous substances file up to date. Check laws and regulations, through the company file. Re-use of materials. Purchasement of environmental containers (to stock chemical substances). Environment and energy aspects are taking into account for every investment. Reconsider material choices ((bio degradable - recyclable). Introducement of closed cooling systems. Energy saving measures according to MJA3. Participate in NRK MJA3. Innovation of material (bio-eren van materialen (bio polymers, since 1992). Separate PE films from regular waste, and hand it in by our suppliers. Measurement of emissions. Creating awareness for waste separation. Application of LED lighting.

Human Rights

Internally equal rights/duties. Ethical guidelines. No discrimination.

Customer matters

Discuss changes in operations and/or sales with staff to prevent complaints – good communication about complaints <-->. Handling complaints by the procedure quality manual. Sanitation of raw materials with SML’s (as much as possible) in food packaging. Further information about intended product to be used. SML = specific migration limit. BRC-IoP-rounds (hygiene rounds). Food safety statements, actively request them by suppliers. Statements of suppliers stating that raw materials used for food packaging live up to relevant regulations. Formatting our own statement "Declaration of Compliance (DoC)" for customers. Migration testing of worst case calculations and perform them on packaging. Active in the NRK workgroup food contact. BRC-IoP certified. Increase awareness for the production of food packaging under employees.

Labor practice

Safety rounds. Efficient, pleasant and healthy workspaces. Perform RI&E ARBO actions. Forklift truck certificates for EVERY Forklift truck. Updating icons of the escaping routes. Periodical medical examinations (PMO). Briefing health and safety. Protection against dangerous substances during production. RI&E and machine RI&E. Using ‘MIJN RI&E’ (operated by the Company file, NAAC safety procedures). Involve departments in the brain storming on how to make their workspace safer/healthier. Keep the dangerous substances file up to date. Update the BHV plan. Education, quality, hygiene, safety and training on the job. Small books about quality, safety and hygiene for refreshment. These books are handed out to new employees. Regular cleaning of the workplaces. Measurement of emissions.

Management Practices

Toolboxes on relevant themes. A course effectively leading for team leaders. Annual matrix concerning levels per employees, machine and activity. Development of targets per employee. Nominee a confidant. This is the Human resource manager.

Honest business

Keep each other focused on and control work safety. More feedback to the complainant. Discuss complaints at the level of the Management Team. Periodical consultation and handling of complaints. Attention for development and training employees: individual conversations focused. On how an employee can develop himself within the company. Implement the Code of Conduct. Instructions for the employees at the sales department, purchase department and theManagement team. Part of the employment agreement. The code of conduct.